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In House Lab: Certain conditions and emergencies require answers immediately. We have reliable laboratory machines in the hospital that assist us in evaluating the patients’ condition. We can perform a chemistry screen that allows us to evaluate some of the major organs in the body. We can perform a complete blood count using our CBC machine. This can give us information about the different cells in the blood. We also have an electrolyte machine that can help us detect any electrolyte imbalances.

External Lab: In house labs are convenient but are somewhat limited. Most of our samples are sent to an external lab and many of our test results are back within 24 hours.

Cytology: (examine cells under the microscope)- We obtain small samples of tissue from the skin, ear canals, masses, fluids, blood and place them on a slide to evaluate. Some samples are also sent out to an external lab for a specialist to evaluate

Hospitalization: When sick patients need treatment that cannot be administered at home we recommend hospitalization. Hospitalized pets may be placed on intravenous fluids and medications. Fluids are delivered via IV pumps so that the amounts are regulated.