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Boarding / Pet Day Care

Boarding: Boarding services are available for cats, dogs, and small mammals at our hospital. Our kennels are part of our hospital facility, they are kept extremely clean, with comfortable temperature control. We are proud of the care that is offered by our highly trained professional staff. Cats are housed in a quiet feline suite, separate from other animals. Dogs are exercised regularly under supervision within an outdoor enclosed courtyard. Care is taken to maintain a safe environment. Any special needs are carefully met, medications that need to be given are scheduled and given to the pet at the required time. Everything will then be recorded in your pets medical record. Doctors are alerted and available to treat any problems, both during regular business hours and on weekends and holidays. Exams and medical problems can be diagnosed as well as treated and you may schedule to have health maintenance services scheduled while your pet is with us. You may schedule to have a bath, ear cleaning and pedicure before they leave.

Day Care: Pet Day Care is available for pets that may be home alone for extended hours or may need to be walked and exercised more frequently.

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